Likeable Logitech Wk 1 Part 2

Wednesday I was given the task to come up with another social media campaign like the WASH for another Logitech product code named Juniper. This experience was very similar to the WASH keyboard. The process the second time around was much more simple, as I knew the type of components both Jenna and Logitech were … Continue reading

Likeable Logitech Wk 1 Part 1

Week 1 — June 4-8th, 2012 Monday Logitech Washable Keyboard PR Campaign On the first official day, my team partner Jonathan and I were given the task of coming up with some social media tactics for a new Logitech product, code named the WASH keyboard. Logitech wanted a full social media campaign focusing specifically on … Continue reading

Lunch and Goodbyes

In week 17 the ladies at MedTech Association took me out to lunch to say thank you for all the hard work I had put in throughout the semester. I was happen to sit and discuss with them about MedTech, my experiences as a student at SU, Syracuse moments etc. I love professional environments, but … Continue reading

Descriptions and a Newscast

In week 16 of my internship I began the description process of the prospect file. I was to research to company on Google, find out what their main mission or goal is and then separate them into an audience segment and industry segment. As described in an earlier post this includes Small/Large Biomed Companies, Small/Large … Continue reading