Not sure if there are many that still follow this blog, but I’ve decided as a 2015 new year’s goal I am going to reincarnate this page in order to continue improving my writing skills. I have some fun projects lined up and will be typing out some of the things I’ve learned since my last post two and a half years ago in my last credit based internship.

Having now almost three years of agency experience and working with some of the coolest tech clients in the North East, I now feel established enough in my career to begin focusing a bit of my time on my own personal endeavors. I hope to write and blog more, read to heart’s content and finally understand how to balance my passion for PR with life. Now a little older than 24 and a half, I feel like I have everything required of me under control — I just have to keep it that way.

I look forward to seeing what 2015 has in store and can’t wait to see how much more I grow and develop both personally and professionally.

Bring it on.

…and now to ring out 2014 the best way possible:

Sofia Kathryn


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