Likeable Logitech Week 3

Week 3 — June 18-22nd, 2012


Updates and edits to the Social Ideation Workshop sheet

Ideas from the CEO and from the president to add to the workshop google doc

Finalize all the information needed for the live chat recommendations in a deck, now that Jenna has approved them

Place in a Logitech Powerpoint template to be sent to Logitech corporate for review

Review the Logitech blog and brainstorm 5-7 topics for blog posts for the month of July. Ideas have to be globally based and not on the 4th of July.

Suggested content on new products, anti-boredom months, logitech vacation- what you should take with you, national video game day, the olympics, holiday tech trends, guest bloggers, etc.


I am noticing that work Jonathan and I are doing is being edited by multiple people and then is sent back to us for the 8th or 9th set of changes suggested to be made. I understand that it is important to have content and ideas that are perfected, but how many times can you really change something? I would be afraid that the more something is changed, the less it will represent what the original message was (unless it was totally off track to begin with). I have asked Jenna, since it is a few weeks in, if there is anything that I can work to improve or change in the coming weeks. She said that all my work was wonderful and that I just needed to work on the voice that I use when I make suggestion decks for Logitech. Most of the time they will be clueless when it comes to the type of social media platforms recommended, hence why Logitech is paying Likeable to do the work. I’m not one for vague answers, but I guess if everything is going well, I am doing ok. I am really looking at some point to have a larger amount of responsibility. I suppose that will come at some point.


Update and finalize the Logitech blog ideas

Finalize Facebook group cover photo

Logitech liked the Coveritlive idea for the live chat and wanted more info on that– outline how it works (can you host in multiple places, what is the pay structure, brands who use it, etc.)

I was glad to hear that one of the live chat ideas Jonathan and I had come up had peaked Logitech’s interest. We spent most of the afternoon trying to get as much information about Coveritlive and the features it had that would benefit Logitech. The goal is to create a live chat series that would bring in a large audience with every episode. This was placed in a Logitech Powerpoint template and sent to them by end of day.


Continuing to understanding how work and suggestions go back and forth between Logitech and Likeable before anything is finalized and scheduled.


Update the Global Partnerships Google doc to include a section at the bottom of each sheet that has social media trends in that regions and supporting articles. Do this for Mexico, Turkey, Russia, England and the Middle East.

The global partnership document has been slowly growing as we prepare to focus specifically on the marketing initiatives for Likeable Media. Most of the day was spent creating tabs and finding information for Mexico, Turkey, Russia, England and the Middle East.

Blog #2

My hope is to do as many blogs as possible while I am here. I asked to do this second one during the second week, but had to wait until a spot opened up in week three. As I had mentioned above, I didn’t and still don’t know everything there is to know about Pinterest. I decided to write a post on how professionals can use Pinterest, without it feeling like a waste of time.



It has been really interesting to have the opportunity to learn about these countries and see how Likeable Media is attempting to work with firms and bring the “Likeable” brand global. I am looking forward to these initiatives and working on them in July and August.


Jenna and the other supervisors were in New York City for a big meeting so we were working through email for the day.

Look at the review program for Logitech’s Aachen product.

Logitech wanted Jonathan and I to comment on how the product, code named Aachen, could get positive reviews and encourage as many consumers as possible to review it at the same time. One of the biggest things we suggested Logitech do were to find popular tech bloggers and websites to test out the product before it launches and give Logitech fans on the social media platforms an opportunity to try the product for free (if they win a trivia contest or something similar).

The second half of the day we had really bad internet issues at Likeable and were told to go home at 3 pm since it would be able to be fixed until Friday.


Continue working on the Aachen review ideas and finalize; add a section about social reviews

The section about social reviews discussed online review sites available for technology products and what are some ways to engage the tech audience and give incentives to have consumers review the Aachen and other Logitech products.


Ad mocks for “Tote your Tablet”

“Tote your Tablet” is an sweepstakes that Logitech is having to promote its new solar iPad keyboard and ultra-thin cover. They will be giving away a keyboard and cover along with a new iPad 3 once a week for four weeks. The idea is that if you love to travel, now the consumer wouldn’t have to be disconnected while traveling and have some great products to travel the world. The ad content for this sweeps needs to convince the targeted audience to “like” Logitech and enter on the “Tote your Tablet” website to win the iPad and prize pack to travel the world. Having done the ad mocks for the Likeable Top 40, I felt I was going to get through this process a lot faster now that I had already created one ad mock deck. I finished the content and deck at 3 pm and was the last Buzz Builder to leave for the weekend.


I think that this week has been by far my favorite, since we seemed to do more with the global marketing and blog work (both Logitech and personal). I am finding that the global partnerships and researching these countries is really exciting. I have always loved traveling and hope I have the opportunity to see the other side of the world some day. Though the work this week went through more channels, I feel like it all became the best content and the most thorough research it could possibly be. I felt extra motivated this week and I hope this carries through the rest of the internship.


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