Likeable World Wk 2 Part 2


G+ research sent via email.

Logitech wanted to know how they could utilize Google + to its advantage. Jonathan and I found some pretty interesting information on Google +. The gender split on Google + is 69.4 percent male to 29.2 percent female. We were both amazed at the number of infographics that have been made in the past few months about Google + and a bunch of other social media platforms.

Fill in on the positioning statements assignment and work together to tackle.

Jonathan and I were asked to partner together to work on positioning statements for the different services Likeable wanted to begin offering to its audiences. Much of the social media research and analytics done were originally very confusing to understand so we both had to sit down and go over the information with Serena, who does all the social media analytics for Likeable Media. It was great to learn what some of the information meant so we could come up with goals and such for Likeable Media and what the target audience would want to hear about or need to hear in order to consider using Likeable Media for its social media and PR needs.

Finish up the live chat doc and send Jenna one final version. 

Logitech was considering doing some live stream chats with gamers to help promote its products and create an engaging group that could meet once a week globally online to speak and chat, but didn’t know what platforms to use etc. I researched chat platforms under all the criteria Logitech had sent over and was able to make some educated suggestions based on what platforms might be the most efficient, as well as topics and personalities in the gaming world that Logitech could interview that would help pull in viewers.


I have constantly surprised myself in the past two weeks about the educated suggestions that I am capable of coming up with. What has been the best feeling about it, is that Logitech is taking my ideas (through Jenna) and are actually using them. The live chat series is going to be a huge monthly event for Logitech, so they were really looking for some solid ideas that could help launch the new series off the ground. It does require Logitech paying for a monthly subscription to a website or working out a way to partner with the website, but it is totally up to them and the budget available to Logitech. To be honest I am happy that I get to be a part of the process and see what channels information has to go through in order to have a task completed. PR Management with Professor Russell did discuss some options, but I am finding that Likeable has its own model of channels that it uses for information to be moved about the offices (especially between Boston and New York City).


Team Challenges

Likeable Media likes to try and have fun with the new Buzz Builders that come in every semester. Our team (Jonathan and I connected with Logiteam), were given the task to make a new cover photo for our Facebook group that showed everyone in the group and the Likeable spirit. Our team spent most of our “Summer Friday” taking photos, emailing them around, putting them together etc.

Here is the final product:


Over the past two weeks Andi has been pulling all the new Buzz Builders in a conference room to do trainings. We have discussed topics such as content, community management, twitter tools, influencers, social media ads, social media reporting, Pinterest, Buffer and Slideshare. These trainings have mostly felt like a refresher to me, but I know it helped delving into the work process a little easier. Many of the Buzz Builders that are doing community management need a lot of knowledge about the platforms used to monitor client sites. I enjoyed learning about the platforms again, as it was interesting to see if Likeable uses them for anything different than what is the norm. Most uses of the platforms are what they are intended for. I learned the most about Pinterest, as I haven’t had time to use the site long enough to really understand it, and Buffer, which is a platform that calculates when the best time for you to tweet is and then allows you to schedule news related tweets during those times to post. It also helps when you find multiple articles but you don’t want to bombard people all at once. I am happy that Likeable does these trainings. There are so many Buzz Builders and we are all on different pages when it comes to social media and in different parts of our education, giving us all the same information really helps bring together the teams that have been created.

 Week 2 was a success. How do you think it went? Anything I can add on to what I learned this week? I’m looking for some good books to read!

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