Likeable World Wk 2 Part 1

Week 2 — June 11-15th, 2012


Additions to the Likeable Workshops Google Doc

Created questions and exercises that could be completed during the social ideation workshops done with corporations in the coming months. This covers what the company knows about itself, its mission, goals, values, messaging, does the organization know its competition, what makes the organization better, what makes the competition better, etc. Placed into a google doc for editing purposes and was approved after a few hours of work.

Facebook Ad blog for Tuesday

Wrote a blog for the Buzz Builders tumblr on Facebook ads and how to make the most efficient content for an organization.

Check it out here!


I was excited to have the opportunity to write a blog post for the Buzz Builders tumblr. When asked, I had a hard time originally coming up with a topic that I felt would be engaging and appropriate. After thinking about it for a day, I realized I had been working a lot on the Facebook ads content and really had never learned that much about them before. I took the opportunity to write a blog post for others that might need some tips if they were placed in same situation as I. I really like writing blog posts, but have found it for the past year to be really hard to just sit down and write. I found myself writing this one in sections, but completed it by the deadline in order to be posted on Tuesday.

Working on the information for the social ideation workshops was very interesting. I had never been placed with an assignment that required me to think of questions that basically “grill” an organization. Likeable really wanted to focus on whether the organization knows anything about its competitors and how it thinks it can be better. The goal is to get as much information from them as possible and then come back with a strategy a few weeks later that the organization can implement with electronic assistance from Likeable, should they need it. I really like this concept of helping an organization in a way that aids them in completing the tactics themselves, but with help whenever the company needs it. I found that I really enjoyed working on this assignment and hope that I can continue to be a part of the brainstorming process for this particular service.

There seems to be a type of relationship that Likeable is building with come of its clients that is very causal. I always assumed that every client would be super professional, but unless the client explains that they want to have that type of relationship, Likeable works hard for each client, but likes to have fun as well. While I like this and it is making my summer enjoyable and a little more relaxed, I think I would like in the future to be part of a more overall professional environment.


Create a Google doc (spreadsheet) titled Likeable World: Global Partnerships and has a tab for Mexico and one for Turkey. 

The goal is to profile each company and add a tab as they become a potential partner. Jonathan and I were asked to look up information such as who they are, who they work with, when we partnered with them (if Likeable chose to do so), where they are located, size of company, names of key stakeholders, history of the company, structure of the agreement, etc. Some of this could be found in the actual agreement, but a lot of outside research was required.

Marketing talk

I was asked to listen to a Facebook marketing talk, that Facebook (the company) streams live from Palo Alto, CA. This talk was specifically about how to build a connected brand on Facebook. The VP of Marketing for Facebook suggested that the listeners follow brands such as Clinique, Pottery Barn and Wheat Thins, for great examples on how to build a brand and connect with a target audience. The speakers marketed using Facebook ads, Facebook Pages, etc. This made Facebook look like the platform to be using for all of a companies brand building needs. I took notes on the live stream and screen shots of the Powerpoint used and placed them in a Word document for Jenna, since she was unable to attend.


Starting the process of learning about the partnerships that Likeable is building is really interesting. I am excited for when Jenna finally switches over to the marketing position full-time so that Jonathan and I will be working more for the bettering of Likeable itself, rather than the clients. I am not sure why am I so excited to jump into this new area. I believe that I am ready to take on a new type of PR and research. The fact that it is an area that I have not had the opportunity to explore, I believe is what makes me so excited to delve into it. I did not know that Facebook did a weekly marketing chat live stream and hope to catch more of them in the future. I think it is really great that Facebook is giving professionals the right tools to understand how to use the platform in such a way so that it is not just for finding friends and chatting, but for so much more.

This was the first light day that I have had. We were told by Andi (the Buzz Builders Manager) and our supervisors that this may happen from time to time. I went ahead and asked Andi if she had any work that she needed to have completed. Many of the tasks given by Andi are for the office and organization of Likeable Boston. I helped with some filing and updating of some website items and such until it was time to leave. What Likeable Media has done for me so far is solidify that I do want to be in PR in some capacity, I’m not sure if social media and the online realm ONLY is the right sector, but working through this internship for the next few weeks should help me decide yea or nay on that.

I enjoy working with everyone here, but am having a hard time working with others (other than Jonathan) who are undergrads. They are all hard workers and are motivated to be here, but when I try and brainstorm with the group, it seems as though many of the concepts and idea types we discussed in classes at Syracuse might be over their heads. I don’t expect them to understand everything that I have learned in my schooling since they are younger than I, but I feel it makes it hard for me to really get information efficiently to them as well as the supervisors. What I feel is more important, is that the supervisors do understand what I am saying and I believe that I am impressing them and am showing that I have a passion for what I am doing.


Rework the competitors workshop section on the social ideation sheet. 

Jenna’s feedback for the social ideation workshop was mostly positive, but the one section that really needed re-working was the competitor section. It turns out that Likeable really feels that they should be doing most of the leg work on understanding an organization competitors. The questions asked of the organization need to be much more simple and Likeable Media on their own time will dig deeper into the competitor organizations.

Help brainstorm an updated idea for Windows 8 for Logitech. 

Logitech is partnering with the new Windows 8 launch in the coming months and needed more suggestions on the “Touch the Possibilities” campaign they will be launching at the end of August. The goal is to show the audience that Logitech touch products are the preferred accessory to buy and how the touch capabilities can enhance the audiences computer and gaming experiences. The New York City office had come up with a lot of ideas about tactile experiences such as petting puppies or a new baby, etc. While this had a lot to do with touch, Logitech decided that it really didn’t have anything to do with the message the organization was trying to send to its audience. Jonathan and I came up with some more serious ideas that had to do with painting, colors, the types of projects that can be completed on a computer through the Adobe Creative Suite and how having the touch products can simplify and enhance the creation process. Our ideas were approved by Logitech for an Instagram contest, live stream chat about the products, etc. Jonathan and I were both very excited because we were able to sit and come up with ideas that matched the messaging Logitech wanted under a very short deadline like we had on the first day. I am excited to see some of our ideas come to fruition.


It seems at this point that Jonathan and I work really well together and can collaborate or split to “divide and conquer” projects when we need to. I feel very fortunate that there is another graduate student here at Likeable. This allows me to have another person that I can have something in common with. His integrated marketing classes and my public relations work, meld really well together. I have found that Andi is allowing me to help some of the people on the Logitech team with content and assignments they have if they have questions about how something should be stated or what the result should be. I feel like I am able to use a lot of the leadership skills I gained from working with Hill-Communications. I miss being in a defined leadership role like Account Supervisor, but I hope I will be at that point again sometime in the future. I feel so much more confident in my abilities at this time compared to how I felt a year ago when I went into the PR program at Syracuse. Once I complete this course, I know that I will be ready to be in a full-time employed position, even if it is entry level.

 More to come! What do you think? Anything else I need to learn for an entry-level position?

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