Likeable Logitech Wk 1 Part 2


I was given the task to come up with another social media campaign like the WASH for another Logitech product code named Juniper. This experience was very similar to the WASH keyboard. The process the second time around was much more simple, as I knew the type of components both Jenna and Logitech were looking for in its campaigns. This included Facebook and Twitter contests, opportunities to use Instagram and Pinterest, etc. The elements tend to be very similar, with some kind of twist that fits the theme of the product. I spent majority of the day on this project as it needed to be approved, edited and then finalized to be sent to Logitech by the end of the day.


I was happy to see myself take an assignment, similar to another I had already done and not have to ask as many questions or get as much clarification on what needed to be completed. The Juniper assignment was much more time sensitive than the WASH was (I am still waiting for feedback on that deck). I felt like having the pressure and a deadline made it a little more fun. As a PR practitioner, I needed to be sharp and on the ball and able to focus on the task at hand. I found that unlike the problem I sometimes have with schoolwork, I did not have with this assignment and hopefully won’t with work assignments in the future. It was nice to know that I have the capability to work on an assignment all the way through, with healthy breaks. I believe that this was noticed by Jenna, and I hope that this will begin to show my initiative and leadership skills.


– Finalize Facebook ad strategy for Top 40 Facebook Pages 

I was given the task to come up with ad content for “Likeable Media’s Top 40 Facebook Pages of 2012.” This is an annual piece that Likeable does. Since the beginning, Likeable has chosen the top 40 and has given its audience reasons as to why those pages were chosen as the top 40. This year, Likeable Media will be letting its audience choose who it believes are the top 40 Facebook Pages. When Jenna mentioned this change to Jonathan and I, we both agreed that this would make the content much more engaging. The audience will have the opportunity to vote through the Likeable Media website and Likeable will then write their blog and content for the year about those pages. The content was written on a google doc and needed to be approved by Jenna, before it was sent to Michele Weisman, an obsessed Syracuse Alum, who does marketing for Likeable in New York City. Facebook Ads has a lot of rules and limitations. Headlines can only be 25 characters and the content itself can only be 90 characters. As the writer of this ad content, I have to completely understand the message Likeable wants to send to its audience and write the entire message in a limited number of characters. This was the first real challenge I felt I have had this week. I went through about 25 different pieces of content before I found 6 or 7 that I really liked and that were approved. The goal was to discuss the name “Top 40 Facebook Pages,” that the audience could nominate their favorite pages and that a webinar will be created by Likeable and that it is free to everyone for free.

The Likeable Buzz Builders went on a group bonding field trip the Jimmy Fund’s Scooperbowl. It is an event in the middle of Government Center where all the popular ice cream companies in Massachusetts come and give unlimited samples to anyone who pays for the spoon at the door. All the money is donated to the Jimmy Fund. We went as a group and learned a little bit about one another and then headed back to the office.

– Gaming PR & Social Brief

Logitech is coming out with a new G-series mouse at the end of August and was looking for ways to market to hard-core gamers and be the preferred gaming accessory to go to versus the company Razer. Jenna asked if I knew anyone that was a gamer who I could get to suggest some ideas or how they would want a mouse to be marketed to them. I asked if I could show the deck to my boyfriend Michael, who loves Logitech and the products they sell. After showing it to him and hearing his ideas through email, I was able to come up with a set of messages and contests that the audience would want to know about the new G-series mouse and why it is the mouse they should want to use, such as promoting at LAN summer events, demonstrating the mouse and show that it is meant for hard-core gaming, not just meant to be bought for its looks. Logitech could also create coupons or giveaways to gamers who play League of Legends or Minecraft, two very popular PC based games.


Thinking up ideas for the gaming mouse was a little outside my comfort zone. The games I play from time to time are not on PC’s, but it ended up being really fun coming up with ideas. When you have a larger company like Logitech as a client, it is very hard for money to become an issue. Any ideas Likeable has given to Logitech, they will find a way to make it work. Having a larger budget has suddenly made ideas so much easier to come up with, since there is almost no limit to what they can do. After having spoken with some of the other Buzz Builders who are on other teams it seems as though they have much smaller budgets and are doing more community management based assignments. I was surprised to hear this, but am now very happy that I was placed to work with Jenna and will be working strategy and marketing. I think that I will be getting a lot more out of these experiences versus the community management which is the foundation and basics of how Likeable Media works with its clients.


– Finish fleshing out details for Top 40 ads 

Jenna sent me back the content I had sent her the day before with more edits! Thinking up more ways to highlight the top 40 Facebook Pages and that the webinar created will be free has now become really hard, as I feel that I have exhausted my options. I decided to brainstorm with a few others who sat near me and worked on the Logitech team full-time to see what they would think. Many felt the same about the content I had already written, but were able to give me some phrases or some ideas as to how to word the message a little different. I was glad that I had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the others. The new content was emailed to Jenna and she immediately replied that she liked a mix of the new and of the old. I was happy with the way it turned out and proud that I was able to continue to stretch my ideas to come up with the perfect content.

– Likeable Products

Likeable Media is looking to expand its services that it can sell to its audiences. It has been broken down into social ideation workshops, where Likeable would come and do a 2-3 day workshop with a company. Likeable would then come back a few weeks later with an entire strategy including social media, that the organization can implement on its own. The second is content, in which Likeable Media is only contracted to create content for websites and social media pages. The third is community management, where Likeable manages all social media pages, creates the content, and posts. Th fourths is premium, where Likeable Media does all public relations and publicity related work for the client. Johnathan and I along with a few other staff members have been tasked with coming up with positioning statements for each type of service from the research that has been done in previous months. We were sent the google doc right now just to familiarize ourselves with coming up with statements in the next few weeks.

On Fridays, all employees and Buzz Builders leave the office by 2:30. I am grateful for the opportunity to have a few extra hours to get home, but plan on staying later if I have something I would like to complete. I have been informed that there will be someone every week staying till at least 4 pm, so I plan on taking advantage of this time to get ahead in any assignments that I have.


As I mentioned above, I was really proud that I could stretch myself enough to come up with new content, even though I felt like I had said everything I could possibly think to say. It was nice to learn that I could reach out to my co-workers for help and a new perspective. I could clearly explain the situation, what needed to happen and what I needed from them if they could help. I am very surprised that I am picking up the message and the voice of Likeable Media a lot faster than the message a voice I had to have for MedTech. I don’t know if this means that I just have a better connection with Likeable or if it is an easier concept to understand than MedTech’s. I feel as though I can start to get a lot of work done quicker because I do understand the idea behind what Likeable Media is trying to represent to its target audiences.

Week 1 is complete. Week 2 coming soon! What are your thoughts?


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