A very “Likeable” summer

For my summer capstone June 4th through July 27th, 2012, I will be working full-time at Likeable Media, a social media agency headquartered in New York City, but in its Boston location. The website of the organization is www.likeable.com. Likeable Media works as a community manager and moderator for its contracted clients, supervising all social media web pages, creating social media strategies and creating global partnerships with other smaller pr and social media agencies. Some clients include, Pampered Chef, Extra Space Storage, Things Remembered, Entenmann’s, Freihofer’s, Penguin, Restaurant.com, etc. I am specifically titled as a Strategy Buzz Builders, which means I work on strategy tactics for Likeable Media, instead of clients, focusing specifically on the new global partnerships being contracted and solidified this summer.

Before my team supervisor Jenna makes the full transition to the role of Vice President of Global Marketing, my partner Jonathan and I are helping her finish multiple product launches for Logitech. The organization has set a schedule to launch a brand new product every two weeks with full advertising and social media campaigns including sweepstakes, contests, videos, etc. Jonathan and I have also begun a massive amount of research about agencies in which Likeable already plans to make a partnership with and agencies that could be possible leads in the future.

I also have a Buzz Builders Manager, Andi, who will be my evaluator for the summer. She manages all Buzz Builders and sees that all work assigned by team leaders is completed. I am very excited to be on the strategy end of things, working for Likeable and the agency needs versus focusing on its clients. I feel that this will give me a new challenge and something very interesting to learn about.

I look forward to seeing what I can gain from this internship and hope it will help me with my future endeavors to reach an entry level position in public relations.


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