Lunch and Goodbyes

In week 17 the ladies at MedTech Association took me out to lunch to say thank you for all the hard work I had put in throughout the semester. I was happen to sit and discuss with them about MedTech, my experiences as a student at SU, Syracuse moments etc. I love professional environments, but sometimes getting out and talking elsewhere just makes the conversation so much more interesting. I have learned a lot from the three ladies at MedTech and really feel that I have become a friend of Jill’s as well. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to work and will take all the lessons and writing tools I have been given with me to Likeable Media in Boston this summer.

I will spend the rest of week 17 and week 18 working on the descriptions for the prospect tracking file, writing any articles I am assigned and evaluating with Jill what I have accomplished at MedTech and what I can use as goals for the future.

It has been really great to have Jill as a mentor for the past couple months and hope to stay in touch with her for the future. My experience at MedTech has helped in so many ways and I want to eventually become a mentor to another individual in my situation after I gain more experience.

Thank you to Heather, Jill and Emily for such an amazing experience. I hope to come visit in the future, see that MedTech has grown to its full potential and has become the association for all of New York State and healthcare, Biomed companies.

Onto Boston!


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