Descriptions and a Newscast

In week 16 of my internship I began the description process of the prospect file. I was to research to company on Google, find out what their main mission or goal is and then separate them into an audience segment and industry segment. As described in an earlier post this includes Small/Large Biomed Companies, Small/Large Industry Suppliers,  and Service Providers. Within those segments includes, Biomed/Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Diagnostics, Health IT, Contract Engineering, Contract Research, Legal, Finance, Consultant, and Other. The pattern was hard to see at first. I needed to ask Jill about a company every once in a while to make sure I was on the right track, but eventually have picked up on what falls where. The process is slow but on the first day I made it through 70 companies. Hopefully I can continue this momentum. At the end of the week I was up to about a 160 names.

On Friday a news crew from Channel 9 to interview Heather. A reporter was doing an awesome story on how there are jobs in Syracuse, but how so many people don’t think they are qualified for the positions or there isn’t anyone that wants to go into those positions (many of them in Biomed/Laboratory settings). The story wouldn’t air till Monday, but it was really interesting to see how they set up in Heather’s office, filled out some paper work, got spellings of names, etc. I hope one day I can speak like that on TV for an organization and represent proudly whatever that cause happens to be.

More prospect tracking to come!


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