Writing and Tracking

In week 15 I finished tracking all of the names that were given to me by the end of the week. I totaled 985 names. Next week I will begin to research each organization and place it in an audience and industry sector as explained in an earlier post.

I was also assigned to write an article this week for the next Bio/Med Research about Rochester Institute of Technology and Project Kaleidoscope. Jill again supplied me with a few articles that had already been written, but wanted me to do some more research on Project Kaleidoscope and what it has to offer. It took me about an hour to write the article including the research time and I feel that what I came up with was strong and Jill agreed. I have been really proud that my writing has improved as that was one of my larger goals of this internship and my time a Syracuse. I’m really happy that this internship had all the components I wanted and that I was lucky enough to receive the position.

The summer intern search has been interesting. I don’t go in on the actual interviews but am introduced to the candidate as they walk through the office and tend to watch personality and how they portray themselves. I know that I was originally impressed by most candidates, but then would hear from Jill that one thing or another was missing or the candidate couldn’t explain something well enough. It made me think about what I must have done in my interview to do well enough to receive the position.

I have had over 13 interviews for positions for the summer and beyond and feel that I did well in all of them. I had to make it to the interview round first, but after the interview was told I was in the top choices at almost all of them, but not the one they eventually ended up choosing. This makes me wonder what I am missing. For some it has been my age, others “you need that one BIG internship”, and so on and so forth. I know that completing MedTech has helped me a great deal to finding a job. Healthcare is a growing industry in public relations and I hope to be a part of it in the future.


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