Good Friday, Sick Day, Positive Evaluations and Interviewing the President

This particular week (week 14) I had Good Friday off. It was nice to start a week (the way pay periods fall) with a day off. I wasn’t going to be paid for it, but I was able to sleep in a little and get some work done.

On Monday I woke up with a splitting headache and asthma problems, so I decided to take the day off and make sure I was ok. I feel through this internship Jill has been very understanding if I am unable to come in for one reason or another. I just hope it hasn’t happened too much or if I am going about it the right way. I’m sure if it were an issue that she would have said something. I offered if there was any work from home that I could do, that I would, but she just told me to feel better. Thank again Jill!

When I came back, feeling much better on Wednesday, Jill gave me my evaluation. She told me not to fret over the 4’s because those were as high as she expected any intern to be, so all the 5’s I had meant I went above and beyond. I didn’t add them up, but it looked like a fair amount. I was happy with the evaluation, but am still always looking for ways to improve with everything.

This was the week that I had the opportunity to interview the president of MedTech, Heather Erickson, about her thoughts on MedTech and a possible rebranding.We were assigned a paper for our internship class to choose a particular area within our organization and discuss whether it was being done efficiently or not and what can be done to change it. I realized one day that MedTech is a very well known word, but not because of the organization I currently work for. I really wanted to know what the President and Director of Marketing and Communications had to say about MedTech and what could be changed in the future. It ended up being a really great experience. I learned a lot of back history about the company and how the board works and makes decisions. I suppose I was a little surprised as to how much approval needs to be given for the process of rebranding to happen, but it makes sense that if the board isn’t enthusiastic about the changes, a larger change (like the name of the organization) may break down the whole organization. The last time MedTech tried, it seems as though the board was caught off with the whole subject and set it aside almost immediately. Rebranding can be a very touchy subject, I’m hoping in the future I can find a way to make it less so.

This week was really something interesting. Not much prospect tracking got completed but I learned a lot about MedTech and that if you really need time for yourself, its ok not to be scared and ask for it.

Onto week 15!


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