Centerstate and Tracking Continued

Week 13 started with prospect tracking and I was able to complete the week with about 750 names or so. About a third or more to complete.

I also got to attend a luncheon that a member organization, Centerstate CEO was having to discuss their past year of work and new initiative they were proposing for energy and exports. We met with a few employees from North Medical PC and ended up at a table with Matt Mulcahy from News Channel 9 and was introduced to Chris Geiger President and CEO of CNY Central and Rae Fulkerson Vice President of News for CNY Central. Both were wonderful to speak with and I felt very lucky that we ended up at a table with them. Mr. Mulcahy and I started our own hashtag on twitter #openseating (as that is how we ended up at the same table), but used a hashtag created by Centerstate CEO #Centerstategoglobal in order to live tweet the event. This was a great exercise for me in speed and accuracy. Thank goodness I have a keyboard on my phone, otherwise I don’t think I would have been able to keep up. I learned a lot during the luncheon about exporting and how Syracuse has such a great potential of being a leader in exportation.

They also discussed a business competition done in Syracuse that gives money for plans that have been created. The ideas were absolutely staggering to me and extremely interesting. It was kind of cool to realize that such revolutionary things are really happening in my hometown of Syracuse, NY. Having grown up here my whole life, I guess things like that can be missed, since nothing seems special anymore. I love Syracuse, but I feel like I see it a lot differently than some students who come here for school only.

After the general luncheon Jill and I attended a short question and answer session that organizations in Syracuse could attend if interested in increasing its exports. The session had a lot of information. I felt much of it was over my head since this wasn’t a field I knew much about to begin with. I felt I was able to make enough connections to understand the basics of what was being discussed.

After this event I spent the hour I had left and Friday continuing with prospect tracking. Up to about 800 names. Getting a little harder to sit and type, but its all right there for me, I have to copy it. Can’t complain too much.

Another week done. I don’t want it to end.


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