Best Article Yet and some Sunshine

*The weeks after spring break, have been absolutely crazy, but so much has happened. Now that I have a little extra time I will be make that my updates are consistent. Spring Break Blog to come soon!*

After getting back from spring break, it was time for week 11 of my internship. The Monday I returned Jill and I revisited my to do list and figured out what I might be working on for the rest of the semester.

The first item on my list was prospect tracking. Its the time in MedTech’s year where the association begins to look at who they might be able to bring on as new members in the upcoming months and year. I will be updating the list with new companies that were given to MedTech in a book that lists these types of companies by state. I will be adding these items to an excel sheet that has already been created. Once these names, addresses and phone numbers have been added I will then look up every organization and separate them into an industry and audience segment. This is very important for MedTech as they have packets and information that highlight the benefits of being a member for each type of audience segment. This includes Small/Large Biomed Companies, Small/Large Industry Suppliers,  and Small/Large Service Providers. Under each of these categories also falls, BioTech/Pharma, Medical Devices, Diagnostics, Health IT, Contract Engineering, Contract Research, Equipment Supply, Legal, Finance, Consultants and other. I’m sure it is going take me a while to understand the pattern of organizations and which organizations fall into which segments.

The goal is to also have me update the proposal I did before spring break and change the audience profile, etc. The prospect tracking is really priority, but I have done enough with the proposal for another intern to update it in the future. It has been decided that there isn’t really enough content built up for a third newsletter to go out. I still feel proud of what I accomplished with the proposal as I was the one that created the foundation and know that it will eventually be used in the future. Sometimes timing of items don’t work out how originally planned. This experience has definitely taught me that it’s ok when that happens. I started the process and it will be in motion until it is completed.

For this week I was assigned an article to do for the BioMed Research newsletter on Delcath (which is a current member of MedTech). I have noticed especially at this internship that my writing of articles has become much faster. I guess I understand what goes into writing and article and where I need to look for quotes and the correct information for health articles. Jill had supplied me with some previous articles about a study that Delcath is doing. I am to take the information supplied and information from the organization website to craft a short 300 words or less article. Since I had done these articles before I surprised to see I had completed it in 45 minutes. I then send the document to Jill for editing and feedback, I make changes and then it is published in the newsletter. The next day that I came in I hadn’t received an email from Jill with edits. When I asked, she said the article was perfect and no changes were needed and that she had already sent out the newsletter. I was thrilled to hear that I had improved so greatly on an article. It takes some time, but after putting in some effort to understand the audiences that would be reading these newsletters, I got a solid grasp on what information needed to be discussed and why it was important for them to know this information.

The end of this week was very relaxing. I used most of Friday to get cracking on the prospect tracking. I had a long way to go. The list started off with about 300 possible members. I had no idea how far I was going to take it. Hummel’s is an office supply company in Syracuse that knows how to show off their products very well. I had met the owners originally at a conference in Syracuse back in November but had the same owners at the Tech Garden showing off Keurig machines. The last time they made me an iced coffee it was fabulous, so it made my whole Friday to have them there with unlimited coffee all day. Made me want my own Keurig (I think that was the point).

I was very proud of my article this week and am looking forward to seeing what happens with the prospect tracking sheet. I know it is going to take a lot of hours to finish, but I know that it is going to help MedTech immensely and allow me to learn more about the organization and what they look for in member organizations.

The interview process for a summer intern has begun. This is saddens me because I know my time at MedTech is coming to a close very very soon.

Thanks for reading!


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