Halfway Mark

Hello Everyone!

Week 9 has come and gone. My semester and internship are half completed, but there is still so much left to do. I will also have a spring break blog post, updating all of you on how my interviews went and what I learned from those experiences. But before I could head to Boston I needed to complete a few things for school and MedTech.

As you know I have been working on a proposal for a new newsletter that will cover the topic of career and entrepreneurship news. I was scheduled to give this presentation on Monday, but when I went in for the day, Jill told me that Heather was not feeling well and that we would have to postpone my presentation. Though not a big deal, I felt like I was much more nervous for this presentation making the situation slightly disappointing. I would have to re-remind myself of the important points I wanted to discuss and build up the confidence to believe that I could give this presentation. I forget how much I know about this field sometimes, so I have to remind myself from time to time that I am a real practitioner and I do have the skills and knowledge to complete the tasks given to me.

On Wednesday we started the presentation at 3 pm. For some reason I was still a little nervous, which usually it isn’t an issue. I very quickly calmed myself and went over the material again so that I would feel confident in speaking on this new newsletter. I started out slow, but by the end I had found a stride. I believe that Heather, Jill and Emily enjoyed the presentation and were informed by the information I had put forth. All had notes to give about how I presented and the presentation itself.  Unfortunately, I was not given the green light to move forward with the newsletter. I was slightly upset, but realized overtime that MANY proposals always have to go back for tweaks. I had done so much to build a plan for the letter and only 2-3 items needed to be improved or changed. In the end I ended up being proud of what I had completed. I do have to admit that I was definitely ready for spring break to get here, but love all the opportunities I have received at MedTech Association.

Once I come back from spring break I will reassess what was discussed about the newsletter and be given another 3 or 4 weeks (along with other work) to complete another proposal. This one I will not have to present. I will only have to email the proposal to the three ladies and have it be approved. Once it is approved, this will give me the chance to create a template on Constant Contact that will be sent out hopefully by the end of April. I hope that I can keep this process running smoothly so I can see the first newsletter in the Bio/Med Venture series be launched before I need to end my internship.

The need to complete two papers for my PR Practicum class (which is a requirement along with the internship). Next week I will be handing in a short paper (about 5 pages or so) about MedTech’s member relations plan and how they work with their members on a daily basis. It should be a positive paper about the best practices that MedTech currently keeps up with. Jill was able to supply me with a lot of information about what they give to members (folders of information) and how MedTech does its member orientation both in person and through teleconference. Though I knew most of the information from being in the office it was nice to dig a little deeper and find the reasons why the things that MedTech does can be considered best practices.

I also began to discuss with Jill what my organizational analysis paper topic would be. We are to choose a part of public relations (crisis management, reputation management, etc) and discuss how the organization can either maintain or begin to use the tactic if they don’t already. I have noticed that while tweeting for MedTech that “medtech” is really the shortened version of medical technology. It is a word used by most Bio/Med organizations and many others. I can’t retweet from many of the handles that MedTech follows because it may look like I am trying to make the tweet look like our work. For example:  a particular handle puts out the “medtech daily” every day. Though it has some great information that I’m sure the MedTech followers would like to hear, I can’t because we did not create this daily mini paper. MedTech’s name is very generic for the field. I have also noticed while in the office, many phone calls come in with individuals thinking MedTech is a medical device firm that can answer their questions about a product they received; which isn’t the case. MedTech has great SEO, but nothing that sets them apart as being a regional trade association and its goal of making Upstate New York the hub for Bio/Med everything. I will be interviewing Heather, the president of MedTech and Jill, the Director of Marketing and Communications, to get their opinions on what can be changed about MedTech’s brand and if any changes are necessary in the coming future to help with MedTech’s growth and success.

I will be missing Friday in order to travel to New York City for an interview with RxMosaic. I am very grateful that Jill is giving me the opportunity to do this in order to begin the process of moving forward to an externship to complete my degree. I feel that I have been extremely lucky working with MedTech, in that the organization is flexible with allowing me to plan for my summer goals in the best way possible. I am truly excited to begin this week long journey to New York City and Boston to interview at 10 agencies/firms that have seen and been impressed by my resume.

I look forward to what I will learn through these interviews and having a little bit of time off to spend on myself and with my loved ones.

Though this week has had some ups and downs, I most definitely have learned and will grow from the experiences that I was a part of this week.




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