Thrown Back and a Presentation

Hello All,

This weeks journal might be a little short. I have been having a fair amount of problems with my back. In October I herniated a disc and have been trying to strengthen and re-work myself back up to the stamina I used to have. On Sunday, I bent over to tie my shoes and lunged all my weight forward not thinking. I felt a electric shock and knew I wasn’t going to be in a happy position for a couple of days.

Jill thankfully is very understanding and allowed me to work from home on Monday and Wednesday. I focused mainly on edits to the newsletter proposal and worked on the prospect tracking file for the rest of the day.

On Friday, I was mobile enough to work in the office. The newsletter proposal was approved, so I began to put it into presentation mode. I will be presenting my proposal to the president and project coordinator, Heather and Emily. This will be the opportunity for them to ask any questions and make suggestions before Jill and I get the go ahead to start creating this quarterly newsletter. I will be doing this on Monday of next week. I am fairly strong when it comes to presentations so I am excited to be showing my work to the three ladies at MedTech Association.

I hope by this point that they feel they made the right decision in choosing me as their intern for the semester. I know that I have learned a lot. I know I won’t forget the foundation that MedTech has given me in healthcare and technology.

Other than my presentation next week I will doing a few small catch up items and will be taking next Friday off to go to NYC for a summer internship interview. I am so grateful that Jill is understanding that sometimes things happen. My back especially and now needing to miss a day to interview for a summer internship. I don’t plan on missing days so when these come up I always make sure it really is ok. I’m not sure if I’m lucky to have a great supervisor or if that is all how they are. I’d like to think I got lucky.



4 thoughts on “Thrown Back and a Presentation

  1. Hi
    So sorry to hear about your back problems
    Hope it will get better with therapy and REST !

    I enjoy reading your newsletters, cheers up my otherwise boring existance 🙂 I wish you the Best the World
    has to offer and just a slight breeze a-blowing on your back XXO Yolanda, (PArole)

    • Yolanda,

      Thank you so much for your comment. I am happy to see that people are reading my blog. My mom says she needs to reach out soon and make sure she says hello.

      Hope all is well.

  2. You’re welcome! And since you were wondering, yes, we are pleased to have you as our intern this semester (as I’ve mentioned to you in the office!), and no, I’m not just saying that because I feel obligated to 🙂

    • Thanks again Jill. I’m so glad that I am working up to par. Only 8 weeks left, which I am sad about, but I know my internship at MedTech will definitely help me in the future.


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