Reevaluation and a Newsletter to Write

Hey Everyone,

Hope your winter is as smooth and crisp as the one we are having in Syracuse. I look forward to snow every year, but am pleasantly surprised that I don’t miss it with all the running around I am doing for my PR program at SU. In week five it is time to re-evaluate my projects and re-prioritize what I need to be working on.

The proposal for the new newsletter is up first. As I explained in the last blog post this is a very important proposal as it will be for a third newsletter that MedTech will be sending out to its member organizations and newsletter subscribers. The schedule is to spend most of the week working on the proposal as well as the other daily tasks that need to be completed. Once the proposal is completed I will send it to Jill who will edit and give feedback on any changes that need to be made. I will then take the proposal and make a full PowerPoint that will be presented to Heather, Jill and Emily. I’m fairly strong at presentations so this isn’t something that I am nervous about. I will be happy if I can complete this in a timely manner as I will be creating the concept for the newsletter, what types of information will be going into the newsletter and where to find the information, the structure, them, goals, purpose, etc. The only experience I have with proposals are the basics I created last semester for my client while working for Hill-Communications, the student run PR firm at Newhouse and in my PR Research class for the Hiscock Legal Aid Society. I will be using a proposal that Jill did last year as a reference for the one that I will be creating.

Jill and I this week did a member orientation call with the newest member of MedTech, NERAC. MedTech is beginning to create new goals for its member orientation program. Setting up a phone conference with the team and discussing the benefits of being a member is something new they are trying. Usually a phone call just goes to the lead contact from the designated MedTech contact and a member packet would be mailed. By speaking with them directly about all the options and getting the new members feedback about what they are interested in gaining from being a member is a great way to make a first impression as well as make the transition into groups so much smoother. MedTech is trying to reach out to members on a much more personal basis and understand their wants and needs. I am excited to be experimenting with this new concept. If it works, I know in the future that I have a positive experience to base my ideas off of. NERAC is the first member I really had the chance to get to know. I was pleasantly surprised to see how much they wanted to become involved in the affinity groups and such. I have heard from Jill and Emily that not all groups participate as much as they probably should, but it is there choice as an organization what they do and don’t do.

After the first draft of the lead contact email has been completed, Jill sent it back with a fair amount of edits. Because this email is focused on the lead contacts it needs to be professional but a little more open then usual. The goal was to have the lead contacts understand MedTech’s call to action and send in their organization’s open positions to be posted and utilize the Career Center. I also wanted to make a point that there are plenty of other ways for member organizations to participate including staying connected with MedTech on Facebook, LinkedIn , and Twitter, and being a part of the affinity groups created to keep MedTech information up to date and in the community. Jill liked this idea and we both felt it melded with the message we were trying to convey to the lead contacts.

This particular week of work went by much faster than some of the others. I’m not sure if I had more work or I was just moving from one activity to another faster than usual, but I loved being able to reach out to a client and help explain the benefits of being a MedTech member. I hope in the future, if not at MedTech, to be working face-to-face with clients. I am so happy I was given that opportunity by being a part of Hill-Communications. At MedTech, I think the behind-the-scenes work can be very fulfilling and accomplishing. I tend to be a very outgoing person, so being behind-scenes is a great learning experience for me.

13 weeks left. Lets go!


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