Let the work begin!

Hello All,

With the weekend to relax, it was back to work on Monday. This semester in general has been very hard and very time demanding, and I know my time management skills are being put to the test. The mix of classes is great, but it seems like so much more than last semester. With that said, MedTech has been extremely enjoyable and now that I have a more solid grasp on understanding the organization and it’s members, the work is piling up.

I started with a member description excel sheet update, so I could continue to familiarize myself with the member organizations and how classifications and divisions had been set up. Many of the organizations on spreadsheet and in MedTech’s administrative back end online had outdated logos and some didn’t even have descriptions. It is always a great feeling to update something and clean it up to the best that it can be. I tend to be really good at remembering names and basic information after seeing it once or twice and from this project was really able to speak freely in the office about members and which organizations could be recommended for certain training centers and speakers.

A lot of what MedTech does is online. Due to the building they are located in, the Syracuse Tech Garden, there is a mishmash of wireless routers clashing with one another. The wifi tends to crash or kick us off all the time. The particular day I was trying to complete the member description, the wifi continuously cut me off. This was frustrating, but it brought me to the realization how much individuals (including myself) rely on the Internet for daily work to be completed. I can’t imagine even trying to make this list WITHOUT the Internet. I am positive that MedTech is not the only organization that relies on an Internet connection in order to function, but I truly don’t know where organizations would be without it.

I know that I will always need a fast-paced environment to work in and have days that bring surprises and are always different. MedTech, though fast-paced is giving me the opportunity to learn what a “desk job” is like. I am learning so much at MedTech, but my usual day is entering the office, unpacking my materials and working on my computer in order to complete assignments until I need to leave. I actually have to remind myself to get up, walk around, go to the bathroom, etc. I think my internship with MedTech will teach me a lot more between now and May 9th when I complete my program. I think I have learned very quickly though that I would like to be working with multiple clients. It seems to be what I thrive off of.

Week three is the week that my larger projects have been decided. I was excited for the this meeting with Jill and was pleased with the outcome. I will be working on a proposal for a new e-newsletter that will tentatively be titled ” Bio/Med Venture”. It will be a news letter to compliment the other two ” Bio/Med Impact” and ” Bio/Med Research”. It will cover career and entrepreneurship opportunities in the Bio/Med Community in Upstate New York. I have had the opportunity to write for a few newsletters and blogs in the past, so I felt this challenge was one I could take head on. There will be many other projects that I will be held responsible for over the semester. I am excited to see what is given to me.

The Friday of week three I learned how to update the the news and events on the back end that are then posted on the website. I was pleasantly surprised that it was a simple process, but I need to double check that everything has been posted correctly on the public website. The articles are pieces that are relevant to the Bio/Med community locally, regionally and within the industry. Most of the articles I have posted so far are about new medications that have been approved for market. Unless you are looking for the information it is fairly hard to find.

This week has begun to show me the amount of work I will be handling over the next few weeks. Everything is piling up, but I know I am dedicated enough to handle it all.

Keep Calm and Carry On!


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