Journey to Find a Summer Internship

The life of a Newhouse PR graduate student is very busy.

I think all students, no matter what major will tell you the same thing. I’ve never understood why I like to do so much and what happiness I receive from constantly scheduling and only being able to relax late at night. But, after all is said and done, I am extremely proud of everything I have accomplished and know that working in a fast-paced environment will keep me motivated.

On top of our intensive class schedule, local internships and extra curricular activities our biggest challenge is solidifying a summer 2012 internship opportunity or a full-time job position. I have been surprised when I asked a few of my peers about their experience thus far that some have yet to start or only have couple places they have begun to look into.

My list is up to about 50 agencies, firms and jobs that I have been contacting since November! Now, at the end of February is when things begin picking up and organizations truly begin recruiting. Am I in the wrong for having looked into so many opportunities? I am consistently trying to give help to those who ask. My saviors have been and . Both platforms allow you to save positions that you are interested in looking at later and will save your searches as well. I created a list of names on a .pages document (because I’m a MAC) and have been adding updates under each name as communication continues. I feel like I have been getting a positive response from most organizations emailed.

It has been unbelievable to me the amount of websites that are not updated. Many emails posted on websites that you are instructed to send resume and cover letter to are incorrect. I have found calling is more efficient because you get to speak with a real person and get to  benefit from networking, so if you end up sending an email they will recognize where it came from and the purpose behind it.

My goal is to live and work in Boston. I have applied to multiple organizations and have felt the phone interviews I have already completed have been strong. Basic career/interview classes can be very beneficial to gain insight on how an interview should go, but I have found over the last year or so that being yourself really does make the interview better. Living and working in Boston means to me that I made it to the city that I fell in love with 3 years ago when I transferred to Curry College. Boston is one of the largest hubs of pr in the country. With my passion in healthcare, technology and social media, it’s like the city and I are a match made in heaven.

For those of you who don’t know me. I am an extremely smiley, bright, outgoing, gracious and loud person. Obviously, I don’t go into an interview yelling and screaming (there are somethings an individual can tone down), but it is guaranteed that the interviewer will see my smile, learn that I like to talk and that I am extremely passionate about public relations and many of the aspects within.

Due to the economy and how the job market is currently, I felt I couldn’t limit myself to just my dream city. New York City is second on my list. I have applied to a handful of places just to give myself the option should Boston not work out in the near future. I felt this was a smart choice on my part, but I am clueless as to what to do if I am offered a position in NYC and want to wait to hear about my Boston opportunities. Is this unprofessional?
I have already completed 4 phone interviews and have secured another 3 face to face interviews over my spring break. I am not doubting myself, but seem to be much more anxious than my peers. Maybe this is just the way I am? 
If the world were perfect I would love to have a full-time job by September 2012 in Boston. I am extremely excited to learn as much as I can in what will probably be my most challenging position to date. I am ready to do whatever I have to in order to succeed and become an influencer in the future of public relations. 
What do you think?
Thanks for reading!

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