Understanding Bio/Med and my internship

For the Spring of 2012 I will be the PR, Communication and Event intern at MedTech Association at the Syracuse Tech Garden in Downtown Syracuse.

As many of you know, I have taken a recent interest in healthcare pr. This I believe has sparked from my science background (biology major for part of undergrad) and my interest in health and people. I have been excited to start this internship because I know it will either solidify my passion for this type of pr work or teach me that I need to look into other aspects of pr.

MedTech’s mission states that:

“MedTech is a not-for-profit regional trade association comprised of Upstate New York technology manufacturers, research institutions, and allied professional services and economic development organizations. We promote the commercialization of medical products by providing educational and certification opportunities, organizing networking events, and facilitating collaborations among members to develop technologies.”

Before my orientation, the fact that MedTech worked with Bio/Med companies was all I knew. I was ready, though, to learn what I needed in order to work to full capacity while promoting this nonprofit in the coming months.

My thoughts before starting this process were all over the place. I had noticed this internship in October while at a communication internship fair at Syracuse University. I had spoken with Jill Zimmerman, who is now my supervisor, and felt that there were a lot of aspects to this internship that I loved. It was exactly the type of rigorous challenge I wanted out of my spring experience.

During winter break, I was extremely anxious that I would really be the type of intern that MedTech was expecting. I always have to remind myself to take life a day at a time. I also you my planner religiously. Once I was over the feeling of anxiety, I became excited for the type of projects I would be working on. I started creating questions in my mind that I knew I wanted to ask. My first goal is to learn as much about MedTech as possible, so that I would throughly understand their goals and objectives.

I went to the office on January 9th (a week before classes started), to have a formal orientation and become familiar with the space I would be working in. I was given a marketing plan that was created in the last year for MedTech. I couldn’t believe how detailed it was. The more information you have, the clearer the mission and structure of the organization can be for its employees. I spent a few hours over the next week and in my first few days at MedTech taking notes and asking questions for clarification on everything from social media to the brand they were trying to portray. This plan plus another handful of packets have slowly allowed me to become familiar with MedTech’s processes. I am extremely happy I was given the time to do this, but I wonder in the future if new jobs give you the opportunity to do that?

I was also given the task of updating the member directory and making sure each member profile has a logo (correct logo) and an accurate description with updates of awards and such. This is through MedTech’s CRM system, in which they can update internal and web site information very easily. I spent week 1 learning the CRM system and knowing how to use each panel within it.

I like very much that Jill is giving me the opportunity to create a few goals and expectations of my own while a part of the MedTech team. This is the first internship I have had where there is a structure (rather than I be the one who is creating it for future interns), but have the opportunity to have some say in how what I do in the next four months will affect me. I will have to come up with these goals and expectations in Week 2.

For now, lots of reading.

To be continued.


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