Week 6-Home Stretch

The last bootcamp blog is here! Look out in a couple weeks for Fall semester posts.

Our last Monday was Press Conferences. This was the day we had all been waiting for. Four groups in six weeks had created some great partnerships and were ready to present.

MLB- MLB had partnered with Let’s Move to create a softball tournament to encourage family activity. I really enjoyed that they took the issue of obesity head on and created a “doctrine” for New York City through the mayor. They served bottled water and peanuts (which are some of the healthy options offered at the ballpark). Brenden Lee was a very well put together PR spokesperson and made sure that the conference ran smoothly. He was also well prepared to answer any questions that the “reporters” (other teams) had during the Q&A.

AFSP- I was extremely proud of my team. The serious issue of suicide is something that not many want to speak of. I felt we handled the issue extremely well. I think I have mentioned in a previous blog that I played Susan Jones an attempted suicide victim. Between my “mothers” story and mine we had the reporters hearts wrenched and ready to ask us questions during the Q&A. The other members of our team the CEO of MTV, President of the AFSP, Britney Spears and Halle Berry (all members of my class) all did a wonderful job portraying their characters and how they would react to the touchy subject we were speaking of. We made cookies in the shape of ribbons and had blue and yellow frosting, which are the AFSP and suicide prevention colors.

SGK- Susan G. Komen for the Cure partnered with an aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia to hold a fundraising gala. The team was extremely powerful with its message and knew how to grab our attention about their serious subject. They also had ribbon cookies that were pink, along with pink lemonade and starbursts. The woman who began this project, LaShunda Campbell, had lost a few family members to breast cancer and is extremely involved in everything SGK does, whether it be here in Syracuse or in Atlanta, where she is originally from. They had many convincing panelists including survivors, doctors, the founder of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, etc. I was very touched by the amount of work and professionalism that went into this.

Electric Auto Association-  The EAA partnered with Tesla Motors to create a college program for teens to team up and create greener ways to fuel cars and more efficient ways to build them. I enjoyed listening to their reasons and felt it was a very interesting program, one that could be created immediately. The team had the president of the EAA, the CEO of Tesla Motors, the head mechanic from Tesla Motors, Jay Leno, and a student from the competition the previous year. This team was bombarded with questions at the end during the Q&A. I think students wanted to see more knowledge about the product and less about the program, but most of these conferences and what was covered was up to interpretation. I enjoyed watching them.

Overall, the teams has clearly worked hard and gave some great projects to the professors and other faculty who came to watch. I think Dr. Wrigley was proud. We are a strong up-and-coming group of PR practitioners and I feel we all are going to succeed in this program.

For our last project in graphics we had to choose a magazine article and redesign the layout to fit an ipad. I found this project to be one of the more difficult, because we would be using a part of Indesign I had never encountered before. Apparently you can create interactive sections of your work such as slideshows and moving/scrolling text boxes. It took almost all my time in lab to create the code needed so the text boxes would scroll the correct way. I chose an article from Cigar Aficionado titled, “The Sky’s the Limit”, by Meryn Rothstein. The Grucci Family is the world’s best known family in the business of fireworks. I loved the articles because I thought it was an interesting topic and I could be really creative with it. I have posted photos in a previous blog post. The three shown are of the front title page, and the second page with the scrolling text boxes. More explanation on that post. I ended up being extremely proud of this project.

I can tell that I have learned a lot from both of the classes and can’t wait for what the fall semester has in store. I would like to thank all the professors from the summer and hope that I can work with you all again!


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