Week 5- End of the media kit

*Continuing to catch up* Thank you for everyone’s patience

Monday of week 5 was our dress rehearsals for media kits. Our teams had been working fairly hard and I was really proud of how our team worked together. The hypothetical partnering between MTV and The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention was ingenious. I really enjoyed that as a part of this each of us got to create a character and research and study how that particular aspect fit into a press conference. Now, for those of you that know me, I love acting. I didn’t receive a character who was a part of one of these companies, but someone who could advocate due to experience. I was Susan Jones, 15 year old sophomore in high school, who decided to try and take her life, and now works with children and teens who have the same feelings. I got to act! Though I didn’t have a PR role, I still felt I could really learn something from it. It helped me learn how to calm myself and be serious during a conference like this. Not that I’m never serious, but I tend to be an extremely smiley person and am optimistic about everything, but there are definitely times when it can be toned down, and this taught me how to do that.

I was really impressed watching the other team and the props they came up with. Our team received great feedback as well. I guess after this class this was first time I really have the knowledge and skills to be in this field and succeed!

Our team stayed after to finished our media kits. Everyone on the team had to have one as well as the two professors and a couple to pass around tot he other class. We had dark blue folders with yellow ribbons glued to the front to represent the The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention with the MTV logo and conference information.

My media kit, as I have mentioned before was the partnering of Ben and Jerry’s with Habitat for Humanity. I completed all the pieces and managed to hand draw the front cover, which is one of my favorite Ben and Jerry’s logos created. Peace, love and  ice cream to all!

I was quite proud to be able to hand this in, because I know I worked my hardest on it. I have definitely learned a lot from this experience and hope to be able to create more media kits in the future. When I first discovered in the beginning of the Summer that I was going to have this task, I was completely overwhelmed. With the help of Professor Stein and my skills I learned at Curry College, I was able to complete the project, and boy was it a confidence boost. Every new thing that I complete in this program helps me prove to myself that I can do this and that I will be successful.

After trying for weeks to receive an IA position on campus, I was given a no by the Graduate Records Office (which I had interviewed for) and all of my other applications were given a no to the interview stage. I was upset because being an IA was a big goal of mine here at SU, but I know other opportunities will come my way.

Our writing class met up in the room that we would be presenting our conferences in and had a rehearsal period. I was extremely impressed with what the two teams had come up with. Costumes and food would be there the next week. We got out for an early lunch and headed to the Schine Center and enjoyed relaxing for a while before we headed back to work on writing exercises.

Back in class we focused on creating programs to hand out at our conference. My team created dark blue programs with yellow ribbons on the front with the name of the conference, time and date. The inside included the major information we would want reporters and the public to take from our conference and to have for future reference. I felt confident that my computer skills helped create something that would be valuable to journalists and reporters who could use the information.

Week 5 was our last week of AP Quizzes and a reflection essay for Professor Kucharavy’s class. I was thrilled to not have to think about AP Style anymore, but I know it will come back to haunt me in the future. Though AP Style is not one of my favorite things to have to learn, I know that it will benefit me a lot in the future.

Graphics this week was extremely interesting. As shown in a previous post we needed to create a better website interface for a organization that seemed to be lacking. After searching for days, I finally chose the National Flossing Council. If you take a look at its current website there is absolutely no cohesiveness to anything on the page. I learned that having a well thought out design really can increase the amount of people that look at its content and may feel the need to help through donations or becoming a part of the organization. I had fun with the design.

We created these interfaces in Photoshop, which was a total pain, but I learned that layering existed in Photoshop and that it does have interactive features that can be used. This project was not for the faint of heart. I believe out of all the projects this was one of the most complicated ones I completed. I finished it and that is what matters.

Nearing the end of the summer experience, I am proud of the things I have accomplished and now know that I am capable of so much more than I thought. I am beginning to believe that being at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication is going to be my ticket to a bright future.

Thank you all for continuing to read. Will continue to catch up. Have some great stories to tell.



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