PRL 614.2 Blog 5

Hello all!

This weeks blog was to look at CEO blogs such as CraigslistDallas MavericksMarriott, and General Motors. Having looked at all of them, I am surprised that GM is the only one, in my opinion, that was visually appealing. Besides that, we have been asked to discuss the idea behind CEO blogs. Are they positive or negative? Do they really give the organization a leg up over others? In this blog, I hope to cover these points and make it clear why something like a CEO blog can be extremely important to an organization and its goals.

1. CEO’s are people too.

The only thing that these four men have in common is that they are CEO’s of widely known brands here in the US. But thats what makes the blogs so great, is that they are written by men and women just like us. Blogs written by CEO’s can help create an image/reputation that the organizations key publics can keep with them. By speaking about daily struggles, events within the office, and new brand announcements, it makes the audience feel as though they are not forgotten and that these CEO’s want to keep them in the “loop”. So many young children see these men and women in the spotlight and consider them icons while growing up. By reaching out, CEO’s can create a relationship and brand loyalty with their customers like never before.

2. Announcing information on a blog can help spread the word faster.

By trusting the new online outlets, which have been created for information dissemination, news and announcements can be dispersed faster than ever. If CEO’s embrace these tools and use them to their advantage, they can ensure that the news released is 100% correct and up to date. Again, by taking matters into their own hands, CEO’s can create/maintain the reputations they plan for their company to have without opinion bloggers or those who happen to be against the brand getting in the way.

3. Having an online presence shows initiative to keep up with current trends and reaching out to the new generations.

If the CEO of a company is savvy enough to have a blog and be able to keep up with it, the SEO will inevitably go through the roof. An online presence for an organization can make or break a image/reputation so quickly. This allows the company to reach out to the younger generations, who love anything virtual, and make them aware of the brands mission and goals. By providing this information it shows that both the organization and the CEO is conscious of whom to create relationships with, and that the care about the locale surrounding them.

Having said these positive ideas above, there are always pros and cons to everything. CEO’s can make mistakes like everyone else. A comment, could very easily be taken out of context and offend a single person or as group (which I am positive happens on a daily basis). The way an event or crisis within an organization is handled may be criticized.

Note: It is impossible to make 100% of the people who follow your brand like what you do 365 days a year.

CEO’s will always have to watch their words. If a CEO “speaks” to the audience as though they know absolutely nothing about the brand and has no interest in what the publics opinion, the CEO’s will begin to lose followers and eventually the organization will as well. There is a fine line between being professional and being a friend. Many have crossed this line, and if it happens, it is very hard to redeem the lost pieces of a reputation.

In the end, I am an advocate for CEO blogs. I think they bring another perspective that publics might not have though of when first learning about an organization. As mentioned above, there will always be people whom are displeased with the way a situation was handled, but in the end, if it was the best decision for the company, that’s all that matters.

*Speaking of CEO’s and innovators, an visionary one was lost yesterday*

Anything Steve Jobs spoke of really went out to the community who had an interest in Apple and how to use it products. Millions followed everything he had to say, and in the end, that is the goal.


Thanks! More to come!


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