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I always heard in school, “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” There isn’t that much that differentiates the words, but they mean two totally different things. I have always believed this as truth and followed those words as a way to succeed.

Whether it is an individual endeavor or work for an internship I feel donating my time and resources is what allows me to reach my full potential. If you are hard working and focused on a particular project, it shows your dedication and passion for the field which you work for. I know that if I have worked my hardest on a project that I am usually rewarded or at least have shown myself in a positive light. This for me, means I will continue to receive assignments and be able to build upon the last project to create something even better.

If someone does not want to put in the time and energy within a group project it really does bring down the group motivation and slows down the process of creative thinking. Everyone has to be positive and motivated to work. If you don’t like the field of PR, time to get out. Honestly, though, if its any field at all, get out. If I had gone anywhere but Syracuse University for graduate school, I feel I would be having this issue. I know that everyone around me wants to be in this field and is passionate about this field as much as I do.

I believe that there really aren’t any pitfalls to giving 100% to a project. The only issue I might be able to think of is less socialization with peers or with the world in general, because you are so focused on the task at hand. Though reaching for outside sources, if you are focused on one agenda then you have slowed the process of propelling yourself forward individually.

If I think about my daily items that I take care of, I am juggling many things that pertain to PR and my personality to make sure that I am the strongest professional that I can be while making sure I can still enjoy my other interests on the side. If I focused solely on PR and school, I would have nothing else. There are so many things being developed that could propel any professional forward and so little time for us to understand all of it. Our minds have to continue to move fast and cover every base to show that we are in touch with our field and know the latest about it.I will always support donating as much time and effort to a project as the best way to make the client happy and propelling myself forward in a business that I plan helping break the glass ceiling for. Giving myself to my job is my passion and my plan for the next decade or so.I understand what I am saying is somewhat radical. I won’t bend when it comes to the amount of effort someone should have. If your passionate about what your doing, then do it to the best of your ability.”Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit” — Napoleon Hill


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