In week five we had to take a HORRIFIC website and turn it into something that might be an efficient plan in the future. I wanted a challenge so I decided to do the National Flossing Council. First of all I couldn’t believe the site (or the council) actually existed. The photos below are my original design for theme, layout and where all the information (that has no real home on the actual website) should be placed.

These images were created on indesign.

*The Home Page*

*The About Us Page*

(the note from the president was written so poorly, so I actually took the information and rewrote what my interpretation of his message was)

*The National Floss Day Page*

(It was their largest event they hold each year, with contests and such. I felt it deserved its own tab.)

*Flossophy Page*

(This was the largest joke they had on the website)

I was only required to create four pages so I didn’t create layouts for Funny Floss or their Store, but there were plenty of items on the original site that could fit into those categories. Can you find them?

Please let me know what you think. I feel that I did decently on this design, for my first and hope to learn how to implement something like this in the future.

Week 5 blog to come soon.



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