Week 4 Halfway there!

Only a few more to go before I am caught up. Thanks for reading!


On Monday and Tuesday we received back grades. I was slightly discouraged when some of my assignments came back incomplete. When I spoke with Professor Stein, she stated she didn’t want to give me a bad grade because of my enthusiasm and allowed me to redo what I had missed. I now know that EVERYTHING needs an id block on it. Other than adding some better information to my fact sheets they were perfectly fine, but with writing the professors need to be picky with how the work looks. I am grateful for this, but I am finding small differences between what I learned at Curry and what I am learning in Newhouse. This makes me very nervous for my Advanced writing class in the Fall semester.

Tuesday was social media day and both sections were brought together to listen to a women from St. Joseph’s hospital. What she had to say was very interesting. Hospitals are just beginning to understand how they can use social media. We heard many interesting stories and were able to give some insight into some applications that St. Joe’s may be able to use in the future. Every time I hear about healthcare I learn a little bit more that it truly isn’t the PR field that I want to be apart of.

After a lunch break the two TA’s came back and gave us a presentation on the best and the worst of public relations decisions within particular companies. The examples discussed were the TSA and claims of taking children away and “molestation”, Dominos youtube clip of unhealthy protocol, toyota recall, and a local study done on Price Chopper (a local grocery store).

It was very eye opening to see how cases like this can be handled so differently and that it really does depend on the client and how the situation looks to the publics it has created.

Graphics this week included a non-profit poster project. I decided to do a poster for Forbes House Museum which was the museum I interned for in the Spring of 2011. They had a Civil War concert coming up at the end of August and actually needed a poster made for the event. I found myself thinking harder about the concept of this poster than I usually did on others I had created. I guess I was listening during lectures (of course), but the thoughts and suggestions they gave us, I was actually using them.

A presentation was given on how important color was within our poster and how it could be used to pull our audience in and make them want to know what the rest of the poster was about. I was more inclined to make the poster more time period and use colors that created a rustic look. I spent Thursday lab working on drawing an image of Lincoln on illustrator from an image that was sent to me from the museum. I was very picky about the line thickness and restarted a few times but finally got a groove with how to draw with the mouse. There is a full image including a bust, but I realized for the final design that I could use just his face and everyone would recognize the facial structure and worn down look as President Lincoln.

When trying to save this image at the end of the day, my flash drive decided to go corrupt and I believed that I had lost everything. As a resort to not be late handing in my project the next day (lost about 3-4 hours of computer work), I stayed up on my own computer at home and re completed the drawing. This time it went a lot faster since I know the properties I wanted within the file. My dad took me to get a flash drive the next day and found that the computer I use in the lab in SU has actually backed up all the files from my former drive. So I felt relieved that I got everything back, but I was glad I had redone the Lincoln image.

In the previous project post, I talk about the project details but all images on the poster is hand drawn. I was extremely proud with the way this poster turned out.

I learned a lot about myself and the concepts that I could come up with on my own. That was important to me, because I was proving to myself that I could create something for a client that they really enjoyed and “went above and beyond” their expectations for the project.


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