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Hello everyone. In the midst of my own endeavors with this blog, I will be blogging a weekly assignment from my Writing for Digital Platforms class. I hope to notice some differences in the way I blog in the end. This post it to be about me. So here we go:

My name is Sofia Kathryn Coon, but everyone can call me Sofia. I am from Syracuse, New York and have lived in the village of Eastwood my entire life. When my family moves, I have no idea what I am going to do. The house we live in is all I know. I graduated from Curry College in Milton, MA, with my Bachelors Degree (BA) in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations. College has been an interesting road for me. I spent my freshman year at Onondaga Community College since I had graduate high school a year early. I then decided that I wanted to go away for school and applied to SUNY Albany. At the time I was studying Biology/Pre-med and they had a great Biology department. I lasted a semester at Albany. Between having to live in transfer dorms downtown and being at least 3-4 years younger than everyone there I was very uncomfortable with my situation. I then moved back home and did a third semester at OCC. I was alerted that I would not be able to stay anymore semesters because I would complete my associates, so I would have to find another four year school. I had visited Curry before because I had friends that had gone there, and between those visits and looking at what they had to offer I found I really loved it there. It was the best decision I had ever made. My greatest friends and my new “family” are all in that area. I miss them terribly but I am on to bigger and better things.

I am now a Masters Candidate at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication at Syracuse University. So far, my experience has been wonderful and I completed the summer with decent grades. (There is always room for improvement).

More about me, I was born April 8th, 1990 at St. Josephs Hospital right down the hill from SU. My father retired early at the age of 43 to raise me and stay at home. My mother is currently the Deputy Chief of Parole Violations for Upstate New York covering Buffalo all the way to Poughkeepsie. She will be retiring at the end of September. This is still quite a surprise to me, but I suppose if it’s time it’s time. I was trained professionally in ballet and jazz and was originally planning on dancing the rest of my life when in the Summer of 2007 I was injured. I was able to recover, but decided school would be a better choice for me, and haven’t regretted it at all. I also love doing theater and musical theater. It seems to be a family hobby. My mother is a wonderful actress on the side and has been doing shows in the Syracuse area since the 70s. I will be performing at the Glen Loch Restaurant in their dinner theater season this November in a musical titled ” Zanna, Don’t”. I will be playing the role of Kate. November 4th-19th.

My interests in PR include social media, and basic agency life. My senior thesis and research papers were on social media and how it effects public relations and the other on social media and employee communication. I learned a lot about the platforms that companies use and are willing to use in their office settings. Social media has become a new staple in PR and I hope to bring the importance of social media to others.

I hope one day to be heading a social media department for a corporation or to be a senior account executive at a major PR firm in the Boston area. Having been in school near Boston, I really grew to love the atmosphere and fast pace lifestyling. Having the money to live I hope, will be my only problems.

I’d like to think that I’m a fairly outgoing person. Sometime I forget to raise my hand in class, but when I do it’s because I am really interested in the conversation. I time manage really well, sometime to the point of being anal, but if I get my work done and done well, I’ve completed by task 100%. I truly want to make something of myself and I feel having SU as the next step to do that gives me a huge advantage that I will use to the endth degree.

I am very excited for this class and hope to gain from it an even bigger confidence about my abilities within the writing portion of public relations.

*Here’s to the semester being a great one*


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