Week 3- where is the time flying!?

ONCE AGAIN APOLOGIES ON THIS BEING LATE. My current and up to date blogs will begin on Monday, August 29th, 2011 and I will continue to make sure I finish my comments on bootcamp as well.

Thank you again for your support!


In News writing we had lectures on fact sheets, backgrounders, and pitch letters. All three which need to be in our final media kits that we hand in at the end of the 6 weeks. I was very interested to find out how differently professors and professionals have variances within these three items. The two sections in this bootcamp did them differently as well, so we couldn’t really compare our work.

Fact sheets needed to be one page about the company or organization and it needed to be things that you might not read about in every day updates or website material. Anniversaries, large events within the company, etc. I found keeping to one page very hard, so I found myself making the type smaller.

I have learned that ID blocks are very important on EVERYTHING.

Backgrounders and Persuasion papers are very similar. I ended up writing a persuasion paper instead of a backgrounder and thankfully Professor Stein allowed me to switch and hand in the persuasion paper first and then the backgrounder. When writing one in the future, I’m positive that I am going to have to refresh myself on the differences between the two.

I found pitch letters quite interesting. It allows you to find whom ever you want to reach out to and try in as few words as possible to pitch what your event is and why they should care about it. I ended up liking writing my pitch letters because it really made me think why my event would be important enough for people to care about and how to impart that message.

Overall, news writing really got me thinking about how the message needs to be written and what about that message will draw people to a behavioral change.

This particular graphics lecture we were learning about brainstorming. This particular professor (names to be kept private) is a quirky one, seems nice, dresses colorful, etc. But this lecture was the most repetitive, “your all in kindergarten” type of lecture I have ever been through. I got uncomfortable at the point when she was relating brainstorming to sexual things. You need to find the right partner, you need to find the ways that you like to do it, etc. I suppose many in the room found it funny, but I’m not sitting in a three hour lecture to listen about sex. Don’t get me wrong, I learned ways to brainstorm, but I’m sure many in who were in the room will agree that its not hard to pull out a sketchpad and get out ALL the ideas you have.

Another professor then presented and talked to us about logo’s and how they are used on a daily basis. We were shown a very funny video called “Logorama” taking all of the logos pretty much ever created and written into a story. It’s amazing.


On Friday I used the lab time to create the logo project I uploaded in my last post. I found it difficult to come up with an image that would truly represent me. I finally learned some basics of illustrator. For me it is a VERY touchy program. I ended up losing a lot of time to work on the project by having questions and getting stuck on sections that without a knowledgeable person, I couldn’t get past. I did learn a fair amount though. Wrote down a lot of notes and short cuts for the future. I know the program will come in handy at some point.

Saturday, I went to a potluck some of the students were having. Had some great conversations and learned that a lot of people felt the same about graphics. Many mentioned that they were getting behind in their work, which surprised me, yet at the same time made me feel confident about the fact that I wasn’t ahead, but I DEFINITELY wasn’t behind.

More to come!


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