Resume Project

Hello All! School has been nuts. I am trying to keep up with the weekly blog as much as possible, so I have three separate posts going at once in drafts!

But to suppress your anxiety because I know all of you want to know how Newhouse is treating me, here is my Resume project done a week ago.

If you have any suggestions and possible changes please let me know!

I have applied to a few TA positions at Newhouse as well as some office positions and this is what I have chosen to send in with my cover letters. THANK YOU TO THE CAREER DEVELOPMENT CENTER!

More blog entries as soon as homework isn’t consuming me!

Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Resume Project

  1. Not sure this is a good idea, Sofia. Too “artsy.”

    I tend to be more of a traditionalist when it comes to resumes…recruiters/hiring managers like to see information in places they expect to see it. This one makes me work too hard.

    That being said, I’ll be interested in others’ (people who might be hiring) reactions.

  2. Kirk,

    You should see some of the other graphically inclined resumes that came out of my lab. Mine is probably the most simple/clean cut out of all of them. I totally understand what your saying, but of the three seminars I’ve received so far about resumes they said that there is a different hierarchy with resumes today. I followed rules to get the A- I received. Loving Newhouse but missing the direction of my Curry Professors. Its VERY different.

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