GRA 617 Projects 1

Here are the two projects we created last week in my GRA 617 class. Very basic, but will start the foundation for what we will be learning for the end of the semester:

This is my expressive type project. I chose three words that I thought would be interesting to work with and created them using different typefaces and fonts.

This is the Facebook CD Cover Challenge. With the name (which happens to be a small town in Sri Lanka) and the photo, I felt that adding the orange background and leaving the letters black with a serif font brought a hard metal look to the cover. I decided then that that would be the genre that belongs with this album cover. After all what hard metal band doesn’t want to be around hazardous waste products, right?!

If interested I will post designs that I had created in my Curry classes just to show you the work that I have done in the past.

Thanks for reading!


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