Note: Same post as before. I have decided on a blog carrier and will be sticking with WordPress*

Well hello to everyone. Welcome to the Thoughts of a Public Relations Graduate Student. I will be your masters candidate for the next 14 months or so ready to experience and take you on the journey of wending my way through my experiences in Syracuse University’s MS in Public Relations.

I went to an Open House on April 29th, 2011 and enjoyed seeing all there was to the Newhouse buildings and the opportunities my class of 30 has coming up in the future. July 5th through August 12th will be my “Bootcamp” aka Monday through friday 9-5 visual arts for communication and news writing. Should be interesting but I am slightly nervous.

I was happy to discover that there was another person in the program coming straight from undergrad like myself, so I am happy to not feel completely alone. I will be interested to see all the knowledge that everyone can contribute over the summer, and I’m hoping I make some friends for the year.

I am very excited and ready to start this experience, but I have two weeks until graduation at Curry College in Massachusetts. Gotta get through my Senior capstone on Public Relations and social media first.

Here’s to learning new things in the future. I’m hoping this blog takes off. Comment away.

63 days till Bootcamp!


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