Week 1 writing challenge

Writing has always been a skill I’ve wanted to improve. It is very important in the field of Public Relations. A few weeks ago, I was visiting with a good friend from college and I had the opportunity to meet his mother. Unbeknownst to me, she works for a fairly large company in the United … Continue reading


Not sure if there are many that still follow this blog, but I’ve decided as a 2015 new year’s goal I am going to reincarnate this page in order to continue improving my writing skills. I have some fun projects lined up and will be typing out some of the things I’ve learned since my last post two … Continue reading

Likeable Logitech Week 3

Week 3 — June 18-22nd, 2012 Monday Updates and edits to the Social Ideation Workshop sheet Ideas from the CEO and from the president to add to the workshop google doc Finalize all the information needed for the live chat recommendations in a deck, now that Jenna has approved them Place in a Logitech Powerpoint … Continue reading

Likeable World Wk 2 Part 2

Thursday G+ research sent via email. Logitech wanted to know how they could utilize Google + to its advantage. Jonathan and I found some pretty interesting information on Google +. The gender split on Google + is 69.4 percent male to 29.2 percent female. We were both amazed at the number of infographics that have … Continue reading

Likeable World Wk 2 Part 1

Week 2 — June 11-15th, 2012 Monday Additions to the Likeable Workshops Google Doc Created questions and exercises that could be completed during the social ideation workshops done with corporations in the coming months. This covers what the company knows about itself, its mission, goals, values, messaging, does the organization know its competition, what makes … Continue reading